Lady Grace Live Saxophone Sunset Sail

The Orchard Sail - Special Event

Support a non-profit organization when you participate in this special sunset sail sponsored by Lady Grace Catamaran.

Set Sail For A Good Cause

Support the efforts of The Orchard TCI, a non-profit organization on a mission to build bridges within communities by providing monthly food support to 125+ vulnerable families in Turks and Caicos.

What Does The Orchard TCI Do?

Founded in November 2019, The Orchard TCI represents a group of dedicated volunteers who offer support to vulnerable families in need. The organization provides bags of groceries, toiletries, essential household items, baby necessities, clothing, small furniture, and homeware to the households that most need them.

The Orchard TCI’s overarching goal is to create a sense of community togetherness. Ultimately, building foundations that allow families to become more confident and capable in supporting themselves is a critical objective of the organization’s volunteers.


‘My cupboards were empty but now my kids have food to eat. We are just so grateful for your help’ – Single Mom of 3 kids, Blue Hills


What do we do?

With an outreach list of around 100 families across Providenciales and another 25 in North and Middle Caicos, The Orchard TCI serves almost 400 individuals in total. The team helps everyone from newborn babies to the elderly and infirm. Family types range from households run by a single mother to families of 6, 7, or even 8 children. 

The Orchard TCI’s monthly food drives deliver full bags of groceries and other needed items directly to each family within the organization’s network. These deliveries are personalized with items specific to each household’s individual needs.


“You made me cry today when you bought groceries and shoes for my kids for school. It was like the angels came to visit. Thank you for caring about us!” – Family of 6, Five Cays


How Does the Program Work?

The Orchard TCI’s core team of volunteers work closely with local teachers, pastors, and respected community members on Provo and North Caicos. This partnership allows the organization to identify families with specific needs who are living in the community. This ability to work together with local leaders is key to how The Orchard TCI distributes items across the Turks and Caicos islands.

At The Orchard TCI, volunteers place great importance on knowing each recipient family by name. They also work to understand individual situations and how best to support each set of circumstances. Every family on the outreach list is considered part of the wider Orchard TCI family.


How can you help?

Since The Orchard TCI is a grassroots, entirely volunteer-run Government Registered Non-Profit Organization (NP.000144) with zero overhead, it relies entirely on donations and other types of support! All groceries, gift cards, cash, and checks donated go directly to helping vulnerable families. Please consider giving to support those who most need it.


You can get in touch with us here: